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thinking out loud

Aug 28, 2008

This message, the second in a two part series entitled "Invitation to Journey," was shared by Marlaena Cochran at the August 24, 2008 worship gathering of Christ Community Church of the South Hills.

Jerry Gray
almost sixteen years ago

i think it is really important to say that this teaching and this day were very relevant to my life especially.
when i first visited cccsh, marleana spoke that day. god spoke to me through marleana\'s teaching that dau almost a year ago. i told her so and thus began a wonderful friendship.

so how miraculous was it that the first day i decide to use the gifts god gave to me to play with the worship band, again, my friend marleana was speaking gods word again and i just happened to be drumming that day?????? there is no \"just by chance\" here friends. god is with us when we worship. he is with us always!!!

Jerry Gray
almost sixteen years ago

you know it\'s funny, i have this entire worship on cd. i enjoy listening to the band. i enjoy \'doing\' the call to prayer no matter where the wheels of my truck may lead. but this morning, i heard something in marleana\'s message that i hadn\'t heard from the far more than a dozen times i have listened to this cd from front to back; i heard the realness of spiritual friends. i didn\'t catch it at first. i mean i heard it before. i just didn\'t HEAR it until today.

i have found a new desire for spiritual friends. this is mainly because i have lost many friends in two years. many have turned from me because i became the Christian that i am today. as my life was busied with management at guitar center and being a full time student last year, i didn\'t have time to really see that.
today, now that this has all changed, i do.
spiritual friends, or for that matter, any true friends are so relevant and important to ones life. God knew that. i believe that is why he gave Eve to Adam.
anyway, hearing this message again makes me yearn for that spiritual friendship from many and all; most of all from Jesus.

this was a great message Marleana. it hit home for me a month later (ha-ha..), but it was and still is awesome!!!